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If you are going to invest your money in this beautiful bag, you should know that I designed this bag out of desperation while pregnant with my second baby.


Believe it or not I ended up with three changing bags for my first baby because none of them had all the practical features every parent needs.


I have tested this bag for months taking it out everywhere while on maternity with two. Prima includes features that will make you feel completely organised when you’re out and about with your baby.


“By Mums for Mums” is there to thank all the other mums involved in this project with me, with their testing and suggestions which have made this bag complete and extremely functional.


After two years of success making parents’ life easier, we decided to become a proud sponsor of the UK’s leading charity for parents NCT as we both share the same mission in supporting parents through birth and early parenthood.


Here at Sempre we get your daily struggles, the tiredness, the roller-coaster of emotions and we got your back!


Mums and dads agree, Prima really is the perfect baby changing bag.